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Metalcraft Plastics Group provides turnkey rotomolded plastic and value-added assembly solutions for businesses in a wide array of industries. If you don't see your industry below, simply contact us. We're confident we can create what you're looking for.

Rotomolded plastic parts for Agriculture


Rotational molding is ideal for agricultural equipment because it helps reduce the weight of traditional metal equipment. Weight reduction typically leads to fuel savings—something increasingly important in the farming industry. Also, plastic molded parts are rust proof and corrosion resistant.

Commercial Lawn

Rotational molding in commercial lawn equipment helps reduce the weight of traditional equipment. Light-weight tanks and other parts can lead to weight-reduction of the equipment, resulting in fuel savings. Also, plastic molded parts are rust proof and corrosion resistant.
A rotational molded part for SCAG Turf Tiger II
Rotomolded plastic parts for Construction 2


Rotational molding in the construction industry keeps parts lightweight and highly durable. There is also considerable design freedom with rotomolding, which allows for fast, affordable manufacture of custom parts and solutions.


Industrial applications are perfect for rotationally molded plastic parts as they can be designed to withstand exposure to chemicals and environmental factors. Plus, they’re always rust free.

Often in rotational molding, small parts can be combined into one part which can help lower product costs. Our engineers are design experts and can help you explore this option if you’re interested in cost-containment measures.

Rotomolded plastic parts for Industrial Use
Rotomolded products for the marine industry


Rotomolded products are popular in the marine industry because they are hollow and float. Examples of marine products include mooring and marker buoys, boom floats, fuel tanks and net floats.


Metalcraft Plastics Group is well-equipped to produce a wide variety of rotomolded defense products. Our attention to detail and quality allow us to produce products that exceed defense and safety standards.
A military vehicle
Rotational Molded Parts for Mining Industry


Rotational molding is often used in the mining industry because rotomolded parts are lightweight and highly durable. Mining equipment is often subject to impact and considerable environmental fluctuations where the strength and stability of plastic make it a wise choice.

Power Generation

Rotomolded plastic parts are well-suited for the power generation industry as they have the unique ability to insulate electrical current, withstand moisture and corrosion, and resist arc and flame.
Rotomolded plastic parts for Power Generation
Metalcraft Plastics Group for Other Industries

Other industries

No matter your industry or market, Metalcraft Plastics Group has the experience and equipment to quickly design and produce the plastic products you need. Whether you’re looking at a run big or small, we’re sure we can create a cost-effective, quality solution for you.