Rotational molding and assembly from start to finish

We partner with our customers to help them respond to the needs of their market by providing turnkey solutions for rotomolded plastic parts, the assembly of those parts and general assembly of various products.

Rotational Molding Production at Metalcraft Plastics Group

Rotational Molding

Metalcraft Plastics Group provides exceptional rotomolding services. Also known as rotational molding or rotocasting, rotomolding is a cost-effective production process of forming plastic hollow parts of all sizes. We offer engineering, mold creation, mold maintenance, finishing and assembly services.

Value-Added Assembly

Many companies use Value-Added Assembly as a means to reduce the need to hold individual parts and streamline inventory management. Metalcraft Plastics Group can provide you with a total assembly solution, whether we’re assembling the plastic product we produce or individual pieces for you to create a single SKU.
A close-up of a rotomolded fuel tank gauge